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Anton Biller | FIS Coach



Home Town & Ski Club
Wengen, Switzerland
Ski Club Wengen

Ski Race Coach Level C, DSV and DOSB
Level 1 Ski Certification JS  Swiss Ski 
Level A Strength an Conditioning / Athletic Training Certification
Level B Functional Training
Bsc. Sport Sciences student

 Alpine/ SX Racer
Started coaching in 2013/14 season and worked in ski racing and high performance related research programs as an research assistant
Bachelor Thesis as part of the BISP ( Federal Sports Institute Germany) and TU München research project: „Analysis and developement of start strategies in Ski and Snowboard Cross" 

Previous Coaching Jobs:
Ski Cross Team BSV, Germany
Olympic Center, Vorarlberg, Austria
Swiss Olympic Sport School Davos, Switzerland
JO Wengen, Switzerland 


What you will bring to the team as a coach
Besides my passion for Ski Racing and Ski Cross, I am really ambitious and passionate when it comes to coaching. The most challenging and interesting part which drives me, not only to improve my athletes in every way, but also to find new ways and aspects in my coaching, is the the complexity of ski racing. You have to work on an individual solution for each athlete to combine all the complex demands of racing, from the skiing itself to strength and conditioning, psychology and building a „performance character", to help the athlete to develop and to perform at his/ her very best.
I have a very scientific approach to training and coaching and I hope with that, I can bring some new aspects of ski racing to the Stockman Sports athletes to help them on their way of being a high performance athlete