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·       You must be a current financial Member of Stockman Sports to participate in all Stockman Sports ALPINE RACING programmes. The annual club membership fee is included in the programme fees.

·       Training fees are NON REFUNDABLE and must be paid in advance on invoice. Training days purchased (12 day or 25 day programme) may be used for participation at any SS training day’s or race cover days in the Nth Island or Sth Island including SS Holiday Training Camps (with the exception of any events requiring travel and covering coaches expenses. (These costs will be quoted separately).

·       SS Programme fees and all other fees must be paid in advance on invoice. 

·       All prices listed are per person and include GST for 2017

·       There are NO rebates or credits for any full or part days lost due to weather events or any other circumstances beyond our control including race cancellations or postponements, access road or mountain closures or restricted access or any opening delays.

·       Programme fees DO NOT include your travel, mountain passes, food and beverages, accommodation, race fees, daily expenses. All travelling arrangements are the sole responsibility of athletes.

·       Additional racing and training opportunities may be available during the season at other mountains for any age groups and are on a user pays format – all these costs are additional to the normal programme fees as travelling costs are incurred to send our support coaching team to such events. Coaching/training rates may differ to our published daily rates. Additional training lane fees may also apply at some resorts.

·       Where Stockman Sports is requested to chaperone a travelling athlete this will be quoted separately for each event.

·       There may be an additional cost for lane space applied for Sth Island training if this is required. Prior notice will be sent to all attendees.

·       Seasonal jacket rental fee $150 for SS Jackets is additional.

·       All lift tickets, season passes, race entry fees, transport to and from the mountain, air travel, food and lodging etc are all the responsibility of the athlete.

·       It is the responsibility of the athlete to enter all races directly via the Snow Sports New Zealand website and pay the applicable fees due.

·       All on mountain programmes are subject to weather and snow conditions. If any events or activities in the programme cannot take place as scheduled time or place either due to the number of athletes attending or any other circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to weather and mountain closures the Coaches reserve the right to make alternative arrangements and activities to the best of our abilities and resources at that time. These will be communicated via our Facebook, Website and Twitter accounts. It is expected that all confirmed attendees maintain an awareness of these communications and channels to stay informed of the status. No credits are given for non arrivals for whatever reason.

·       SS reserves the right to change, condense, merge, cancel or terminate any programme (and refund fees if necessary) if the minimum number of participants for training groups or camps is not achieved.

·       All participating athletes and Members agree to abide by the Stockman Sports Athlete and Parents CODE OF CONDUCT.

·       Upon the enrolment and active participation in any of the Club’s events and programmes including but not exclusive to training days, training camps, any and all race events etc it is deemed that the participant and their parent or guardian fully understand and agree to these conditions and terms without exclusions.

·       It is acknowledged and agreed that the athlete is solely responsible for their personal insurances and their personal items and gear at all times. No claims will be entertained for personal injuries or damaged or lost property.

·       Stockman Sports reserves the right to revise or alter these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notification.