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Race Programme


The coach and athlete must work together in order to achieve success.

Our program has three areas of primary focus; these are ON SNOW PROGRAMCONDITIONING and EQUIPMENT PREPARATION. In addition to these areas of focus, we are constantly addressing the many facets of alpine ski racing.

The ON SNOW PROGRAM will focus is on moving athletes from the development levels to winning FIS races, becoming National Champions or going on to greater success in the Europa Cup, World Cup and Olympic levels.

The CONDITIONING PROGRAM will include both the latest training methods available and newly innovated workouts that will suit the individual athlete. On evaluating the athlete, the testing will be age-appropriate and individual conditioning programs will be constructed to build a well-rounded athlete. While the focus will be mainly specific for alpine skiing, we believe it is vital to develop a well-rounded athlete.

The final primary focus is assisting athletes with the correct SKI EQUIPMENT selection and preparation. The coach will work one-on-one with the athletes to teach them proper tuning technique and guide athletes in the right direction when a specialist is needed. Equipment preparation is as important as any other component in alpine skiing; and is as important as when the athlete is on snow or in the gym.

To support these primary areas of focus, we consider an athletes mental approach to the sport as paramount and identify areas where we can assist in building self-confidence. These areas compliment the program to round out the additional needs of the athlete.

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