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Obersaxen General Information

Obersaxen is a German-speaking Walser settlement consisting of 28 hamlets, spread across a sunny terrace 12 km long, at heights of between 1100 m and 1400 m. The deep gorges in this area prevented people from attending church services in the central hamlet of Meierhof, so 15 Baroque chapels were built in the "outposts” of Obersaxen (in the Val Lumnezia there are even 32 more). Today, a Walser Trail and a Chapels Trail tell the exciting history of the settlement.

Ilanz, the "first town on the Rhine", is just a few kilometres above the spectacular Rhine Gorge – the "Grand Canyon of Switzerland" – and is the starting point for rafting adventures on the wild waters of the Rhine. In the local Surselva museum in Ilanz you can learn more about life in olden times and agriculture in this holiday region.

The unspoilt, primeval Val Lumnezia (Lugnez, "Valley of Light") which branches off to the south from Ilanz is the longest side valley of the Anterior Rhine, extending beneath the mighty silhouette of Piz Terri (3159 m). At the far end of the valley, the Diesrut Pass (2428 m) leads up to the barren Greina plateau and then over the Greina Pass into the Blenio valley in Ticino.

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